Friday, March 11, 2011

Cuz it's Sadie Hawkins Night or Pony up!

  I am trying to work on a few pieces at the same time. One of them being A dating guide for bisexual men on dating other men. It's a touchy subject for me & with the poop Shit storm of the quarter happening with my friends which I am dragged into by sheer guilt & devotion. Painful distraction after painful distraction for about a month actually. (God a whole month...I need to get my shit together )

 I am a big old geek, not a nerd...but a geek  and if you just don't wanna click that link. PICTURE!!

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! SO I am a big ol geek and I love me some internetz. I once in awhile go to different message boards and try to dive into the geek world or the muggle world. Who is doing this amd what blog is doing what. And I discovered something totally awesome..Are you ready for it?


Why are these ponies so awesome?  What's the big deal? ell It all starts with a lil Imageboard called 4CHAN
Never heard of it? Do you remember last summer about a little girl named Jessi Slaughter? Go read up on her and 4CHAN. I'll wait
Crazy stuff right? SO one of the things that is known on the internet is you do not FUCK with B/   Not ever..just period. Now somehow (answer right here ) My Little Pony or MLP took 4Chan in a storm. for about a month straight. Mind you. they get banned every 5 minutes but keep coming back. The argueent is that There is nothing but sex, porn, and other things bad on there why not some cute little ponies? But again and again these B/astards kept fighitng. and the MLP lovers on 4CHAN now calling themselves

B/rony or B/ronies do not give up. But they never gave up.
These B/ronies kept going and going 2 hours a day from all around. Everypony chipped in got banned and guess what?

 Never has 4CHAN been attacked before from within and especially B/ of all places! 
 What were the rules for the B/ronies?

Current rules for MLP threads:
-Keep all MLP related content within the current largest MLP thread
-Actually discuss the show
-Ignore any threads speaking negatively about the show
-Post any MLP material in any thread not explicitly about MLP (reaction images, avatars, macros, quotes, phrases such as everypony/brony/etc)
-Post threads to speak negatively about MLP or reply to threads speaking negatively about MLP
-Post any MLP material on other boards
-Bump MLP threads just to keep them bumped
-Report MLP threads where users are staying in one thread

Did you see the underlined?  Do NOT Post threads to speak negatively about MLP or reply to threads speaking negatively about MLP 
Do you get that? Ignore the haters. IGNORE THE HATERS IGNORE THE FUCKING HATERS!! Why should we ignore all of these Savages? 

Yes...they always do But something remarkable happened.
People stopped judging the show & watched it.  The word spread. Guess what happened?

Fans emerged.  The toughest women & the hardest of hardcore liked the show

Yes...and of course the hate became stronger ...

and more violent

But what did they do? 
Because they redid their rules. They stopped playing by the old rules & made new rules

I mean look at number 1. Ok we all see number 10 it's an inside pony joke.

Thou Shall Live by the Code of Friendship Love & Tolerance.

Imagine if we all did that? What if we just fought back with hugs?
I mean we did it before? right?

Remember these anybody?

"In October 1967, Hoffman and Jerry Rubin helped organize the March on the Pentagon using Flower Power concepts to create a theatrical spectacle.[14] The idea included a call for marchers to attempt to levitate the Pentagon. When the marchers faced off against more than 2500 Army national guard troops forming a human barricade in front of the Pentagon, demonstrators placed flowers in the soldier's rifle barrels.[15]
Flower Power, a Pulitzer-nominated photograph by Washington Star photographer Bernie Boston, became a classic image of the Vietnam War–era protests.[16] The photo, taken on October 21, 1967 at the "March on the Pentagon", showed a young, long-haired man in a turtleneck sweater, placing carnations into the rifle barrels of military policemen. (The young man in the photo was not named by Boston and his identity is disputed. He was most commonly identified as George Edgerly Harris III, an 18-year-old actor from New York who later performed in San Francisco under the stage name ofHibiscus.[17] The young man also has been identified by Paul Krassner as Youth International Party organizer, "Super-Joel" Tornabene.[18]) "  (*psst* they are talking about the blonde dude)

They didn't wait for a bad article or a writer to make fun of them. They went to the Pentagon protested the fuck out of it and when they came out with rifles the put FLOWERS in them. How possible could that be if we did that?
What if we stopped hating each other for things and stopped blaming each other for things and trying to get each other to donate to a cause and just said
"How can I help you?"
I know, I hear a lot of  "but what about me?" "what about my problem?" Let's just stop for a moment.

The only way to help oursleves is to help each other. 
Example: I love Wonder Woman I love her comics. I still buy them  and when I am done I give them to shelters. I buy the trades or Trade paperbacks & keep those. Now here is a funny thing. THEY NEVER HAVE WONDER WOMAN SHIRTS FOR MEN. EVER!  Is it because they suspect that men don't like it? I dunno. I mean they have batman & superman shirts for girls as well as adult women. Is it ok for for girls to look up to men but boys not up to women? Would fighting for shirts in men sizes be a step towards boys being able to access stuff  to show their pride of having a female role model? Sure it sounds far fetched but is it? 
Think about this.
Tomboy=aww  she wants to be tough like boys. maybe she will grow up to be a lesbians bawhahahaha!
Feminine boy= I smell gay on him. we'll beat the gay out of him.
Yeah someone did already.
See here is one thing that quells any any argument of manliness. When a woman says that's hot.
Bottom line. It happens tie & time again. Those male allies that aren't believed are justified by you. 
You become the proof positive in those ogres minds by saying that person A is mating material in it's most primitive sense. You've seen it. 
The hottest girl in school says she likes smart guys: EVERY BOY GOES TO STUDY HALL.
In a collective god..
Imagine a million men saying "Hey! How come sport X isnt co-ed?" 
I would love to see co-ed sports. and I don't mean just billiards, golf, or bowling but vs. sports like baseball, hockey, and tennis? I know Venus can serve t up and slam down most if not all of the men on the pro circuit.
 It's crazy she isn't allowed to prove it. 
They say Danica Patrick is an anomaly. I think that's BS and in the coming years we will see more & more women in sports.
But we got to support them as well even if we don't like the sport or hobby.
Because we missed some awesome bisexual moments.

Yes...those are kids asking women out. There are girls there wanting to go out with wonder woman just as badly as the boys and yes this is a scan from an actual DC Comic.

Folks we are dropping the ball.....BADLY!
We are worried about some TV show
(GLee) when we have THE icon of female superheroes in one of the most key moment and possible ventures of her having a female partner by encouraging the writers...we blew it.
You know as well as I do that money talks. Yet year after year the editor in chief has to convince the shareholders that Wonder Woman even though her comics aren't selling for shit to keep making them because he recognizes the importance of visibility. Fellas, why aren't YOU asking to see more female representation in the things you like? 
You're a basketball fan? Support the WNBA. Buy tickets and a jersey. Why should you do it? Because maybe one day you can say "Hey! That's my daughter that dunked on Shaq Jr!" How awesome does that sound?
My son is an interior decorator. 
My daughter is a mechanic
My father is a teacher at a daycare
My mom runs the IT Dept at UBS

It starts with simple things. Like allowing your son to respect women by making sure he can look up to one. To play with "girl toys"  or "Boy toys"


G.I. recruitment center OR A pony so utterly bisexual she is a unicorn! 
SO again we have 2 choices know I choose the ponies.

Thanks for being patient and as a reward...
PONIES! (yes this episode why Bronies say "Fuck Griffons" 
SPecial thanks to @Lysana on Twitter for stating "You do realize the bi pony is a unicorn? As in a HBB*? SOMEONE knows". *Hot Bi Babe