Saturday, April 30, 2011

About the McDonald's Fiasco or...Can I smack you and it not be a hate crime?

I ususally don't post a video but this woman said it best. This is EXACTLY how I feel about what happened with Chrissy Lee Polis. I do hope McDonald pay for her medical bills and ear lobe surgery just as a sign of goodwill. that being said..wathc the video after the jump you agree OR disagree?

Short lil post wasn't it.

You can find the author of the video here.

You know..I am gonna do this from now on.
Take a day and just post up somebody's else's video. Someone that I think is awesome.
If you have a video or you know of a video you would like me to have on my blog email it to me

Friday, April 15, 2011

Meanwhile back at the ranch...or What the hell is Abe* doing?

Merlot & Ponies y'all!
Ok I haven't been blogging for awhile...I know this. What's going on? Was it just me getting my grip~n~sip on while watching ponies? Partially yes I admit it.  

Mostly ponies....

My older brother is into it now...he still won't admit it.

Yes the are other reasons...some parts were me seeing what lie was like outside my blog. I have been looking at other blogs & I gotta tell you there is some really REALLY messed up stuff out there.
Like seriously...

 People are just angry at the wrong people and even worse they don't even have anything else planned except be angry all the time. Even worse they try to encourage anger in others.
It can put a myself in a tizzy & mess up your entire day. I am no exception
It did hurt :(
But you know was necessary. I learned some things. I learned a LOT I learned a lot about myself..about things I thought I knew and I learned a lot about you. I learned that yes Friendship does work to chase the Parasprites away. What are Parasprites? Sounds like a good excuse for a pony break

Yes..cute little sprites that devour your resources. Be it time, energy, hope etc

I had t summon everything within me to get all those parasprite out of my mind
It's really really REALLY sad that a person can be so tormented that they only want to stay in their little corner of the world and not explore. I mean beauty is all over this planet! But some people want to stay bitter even when they have something beautiful right in front of them.
It's pink cotton candy! SMILE DAMMIT! beautiful pretties
This snapshot of my stats were taking of 8 am EST
Oh and EL Salvador & Malaysia for some reason aren't on there which is messed up
At least one in each of those countries are super sweet.

 Yes...that's you up there! Look at you all! You're some hot people! 4 of you are rocking Nokias & 3 of you are rocking Palms! By the way..I have no idea what your address is. I don't know who youare I will not be surprising you & raiding your fridge. Nor would I ever divulge your identity. Unless I was invited then I would bring over some delicious food. 

Ok..let me get back to what I was talking about

 I'm moving...

Yes.. I am moving to word press and getting my own domain name. It's a big step for me & I wanted thank each and everyone thus far for being here with me as I talk about things from a bisexual male's point of view. This has been a great journey and it's only going to get better.

Before I get into the why or anything else I just want to thank EVERYONE of my readers once again. Some I know by name. Some comment and some don't which is fine (ohhh I wish you DIIIIID just so I can hear you which reminds me I need to comment on more blogs)

All of you are so beautiful in each & every way. I really REALLY mean that. Each time I hear a thank you it invigorates me. You will never know how much your words, your comments mean to lil ol me.
Ok...back to the moving thing?

Why the move? Well think of it this way: Blogger is a great apartment but WordPress is an awesome house.
I have really big plans. What plans you ask?

Book reviews and movie reviews for one: Some books A lot of them are going to be Teen books some will be adult but out of those books it's going to be mostly fictions. Something entertaining. The movies I will review will be older movies. movies like this
This is going to be the first movie I review. Reflections in a Golden Eye

One of the first books is going to be  Stop Hetero Supremacy by Travon Free

The other is called The End: Five Queer Kids Save The World by Nora Olson

I will also do any stray Manga or Anime that might come up. Nothing ecchi I promise.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop me a list of suggestions.'s a big world.

I am going to add...VIDEO! YUUUUP!! video people! Yeeep as in you will hear my voice and possibly see me on camera.

I am also going to add a few more things which is..get this...awards!
Awards to who I feel should get awards. I am NOT gonna wait for others to do it. someone has to make them..I'll do it! I thought about calling them the beegees know...yeah...

That is a bigger part of the reason why I am not. I am also organizing a super secret project. shh!!! It's a secret!
A lot of other stuff. in the meantime I will be cross posting blogs. A lot of good blogs out there. and since I have all this space...why not!!!!

So...right...not dead....not giving p on the bog...just fixing things up...veeeeery carefully.

If you have an idea for a book or movie to review I'll take a gander.
Just email me at askabisexualguy at gmail dot com If I don't answer immediately it might have went to spam. So don't feel bad. just tag me again.

Much love to you all! Especially you!
Ask A Bisexual Guy

* instead of calling me A.B.G. for short you can call me Abe if it makes it easier.