Monday, May 2, 2011

When should one tell their partner they are bi or I love you & I'm bi pass the peas.

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I was asked  by this cool guy on facebook paraphrasing here.  "When is a good time to come out as bi to a potential mate? Women seem to not dig it."  There are a few schools of thought.

The Before the Check Approach, The After Sex Approach and the During Courtship Approach.

Before the check. I think we covered this before...yup..yeah we did. but let's watch the video again with Richard Jeni to refresh our minds. it has been awhile.

Yeah..spill everything out before you go on a date or before the check arrives.
You want to know who you can be honest with right off the bat. 

Yeah...first I was like yeah..fuck it..thy can take it the hell with them. 
Then...after awhile I started thinking...and thinking some more...other people went into convo with different ideas when. Some believe after the sex. some believe after they get to know you.

First..let's look at the differnces of perception of same sex loving because if you tell someone of the opposite sex that you're bisexual it's a different ball game than when you tell someone that is the same sex as you that you are bi. Even more so your gender is a big deal. 

Let's beak it down. Here is a quote from Movie Bob from Escapist Magazine "good stuff if you are a gamer or liek video games..or both. This is what he has to say about how to read what Hollywood releases say.
By the way, I am just gonna add in some stuff because I think he and the writers there are just that freakin awesome.

"A strong female character who is also complex and challenging."
"A female character who is capable of beating up male enemies twice her size like they were made of jell-o but also has the appearance, physique and temperament of an emotionally-traumatized teenager. Also, she is almost totally uninformed about sex, save that she is fiercely (yet demurely) attracted exclusively to non-threatening nice guys who happen to resemble the males in the film's target audience."
"Screenplay by Joss Whedon!"

"[Insert Actress] sheds her squeaky-clean image!"
"[Insert Actress] - probably from the Disney/Nickelodeon stable - is 18 now, so it's okay for you to stare. Come see her play the hot chick in our otherwise forgettable movie!"

"Re-imagined for a more contemporary audience."
"Dumbed down for the Facebook generation brats who we believe are the only people still spending money at movie theaters."
"We're looking to get to the core of what the character is actually about, and not get hung up on superficial details."
"The main character in whatever our film was based on was originally gay, non-white or in some other way a minority in the U.S., and we are rationalizing changing their race/orientation/etc. to a white heterosexual because we believe that's the only kind of lead character people want to see."


"Brave, sensual, ground-breaking romantic scene."
"Lesbian sex scene."
"Shocking, taboo sexuality!"
"Gay, male sex scene."

Fellas...we have it harder to come out in the mainstream hetero world because well..the penis commands fear.  
Women when it comes to bisexuality in the mainstream as an added bonus to men's delights and not respcted on it's own. Think I'm kidding? In the early 90's when porn was getting  into our homes via the internet and bypassing the beaded curtain. (those old enough get it) the internet was filled with hot this and sexy that. people was eathing up porn like a mother fucker. and I mean just one picture was worthy of a spank bank. this was when 500 megs was a lot and a gig of HD space wasn't even talked about yet. Our floppy disks only a few years before that were actually floppy.  I KNOW! 

Around that time Hot Lesbian Action was on the scene. In the main stream the world bi meant bi-polar or a fancy way of spelling bye. seriously..
Then a bunch of guys started going to lesbian bars because ees very guy saw themselves as 

When they were really just...well...average men. I know my brethren well. Now after they got their asses handed to them and limped away from the bar..they learned soemthing. Most lesbians don't like penises..or is it peni? (gotta remember to look that up) So they did some searching on their 28.8k modems searching on excite or Alta Vista, Compuserve, and found somebody's Geocities page and discovered the word Bisexual. 
" they get it...bisexual...they like men and women.. so if they like penis..COCK-TOR WILL SHOW THE WAY WITH HIS COCK OF COCKINESS! " So you have a bunch of guys now bisexual women.  But with guys and non hetero sexuality..not in the U.S.A but...well Have you ever heard of anime?

Now here is the funny thing japanese animation and comics (over there they call it manga)  there is this thing called...Yaoi. Yaoi (やおい)  or Boy's love, is a popular Japanese term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors. (One ticket to Japan please)  Now...there is a difference between Yaoi and Bara which is Man's love which is the same stuff whose target audience is men. There is also Shounen-ai but....let's not get too deep into it THIS TIME! I will do a post just on Yaoi..I PROMISE!

How does one recognize Yaoi? 

And because SOMEWHERE OUT THERE there would be whiner. Here is the originals that brought it to the  U.S.A. by way of Cartoon Network

  Trust me fellas there are conventions just for this. There are sites and then there are more sites and Because I know some of you like to watch....

Fellas if you are wondering why you can't find someone you liek you are shopping in the wrong area, fishing in the wrong lakes.  First, it isn't something to be scared to tell. I have met plenty of people that went REALLY! tell me more but double if not triple that amount with death threats, gun pulls, knife pulls, and bible smacking and of standard/ sub-standard "Imma pray for you" Fellas you wanna be picked up you got to be in the right place and speak up. You're gonna have to make a sacrifice. Once you exit those doors you will NOT be able to go back in. Maybe socially but never spiritually....nope.

 Ladies. Hi. How are you. For those who are scared of bisexual men look at my post called  

"Like, eww" & other things said about me and my brothers.

Now for those that will/ don't care one way the other/prefer bisexual men. Speak up. these guys are having a rough time finding you and I know that most of not all of you are pretty awesome. I am not going to promise happily ever after with a bisexual guy or he is always going to stay with you. That's crazy. What I can say is this. 
Fellas that are interested in dating a bisexual man in the present or the future. *shrugs* Dude...chill the fuck out and just care about him like any other guy. What matters is you accept him.

After writing this I think I am going to have to write a special post just to talk to bisexual men. I thin we really need a pep talk. We are getting creamed out there. Like.Washington Generals bad it for now..I was going to stop until my wordpress ws up but now...I'm kinda glad I didn't.

  So before I go I have a favor to ask you. I knwo we blogers alwas ask fo rcomments but I want to do something different. I really Really REALLY different.
   I want you to use my comment section and speak to a bisexual guy. Anyone around the world that is listening. you can be anonymous it's cool. Just say what state if in amercia or country and say soemthing positive about bisexual men. if you are dating or married to one this is ESPECIALLY for you. Tell us how it's different for you. or how it isn't tell us anything and everything you can.

Keeping the balance,
Abe aka ABG