Monday, January 10, 2011

Exciting changes up ahead folks! STAY TUNED!

   Hi guys and gals and other such creatures of delight! There are gonna be some changes with the blog.
 Already I know!  Excitement! Drama! SUSPENSE!! OOOHHH!!!! What could it all mean?
For starters, Wisdom Wednesday is going to be moved to Fridays. (Look, we had some problems with Courage Wolf and things didn't go so went crazy alright! One thing lead into another and next thing you know he has a warrant out on him)

Courage Wolf was kind enough to leave us this before he left.
Not the most elegant wolf out there but he makes a good point. hopefully that point is jabbed up our...

   I'm going to be working with another blog! It's a surprise but, I want to assure you that things are not going to get stupid. I'm gonna give everything my all and make sure you get want you need and want you want. I'm here for you....and maybe that lady over there but mostly you.
   Some of the changes are gonna be dealing with Genderqueer issues and Trans issues. How androgyny fits into our lives? We'll find out together because I am sure I don't know everything but you better be damn sure I will take it seriously.
   We are gonna talk about mental health issues within our community as well as the different ways our medical health differs from the average hetero or homosexual guy. We'll have some polls and maybe if we are lucky do some interviews with bisexual male entertainers that are open and honest and live their lives the fullest!

So Wednesday morning look at my blog for yummy goodness!

see you soon,

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