Friday, January 7, 2011

Who am I to say?

   It's Friday the 7th. Lucky 7. The first Friday of the year.  and if you followed me from Twitter then you probably know that it's Follow Friday. So...the question that you might have asked yourselves might be: Why should you follow me? Why should you give a damn about me?

   Honestly, I can' answer that. Sounds like a cop out but if anybody promises yo the world they are only going to shwo it to you they will never give it to you. But before you follow me you should probably know at least just who the hell I am. don't you think. Don't you want to know where I am going before you follow me?

  Hopefully you know that I am a man identified male. and that i identify as bisexual. of course that isn't enough..there are a quite a few other blogs out there discussing  male bisexuality isn't there? right?

I mean other than those talking about how male bisexuality doesn't exist. Even though I am here. i think therefore I am right? Then there are those who believe that bisexuality does exist and that it's the

 There are a few that talk about the down low. I think we covered that earlier.

I can't be that surprised. She isn't sure if the earth is round or not either. Seriously..she isn't

However, there are even more who put on shows about the Down Low lifestyle. Which does speak with a lot of truth. Sad as it might be but, I gotta tell you..we are slowly defeating ourselves

And there are a lot of people that ..well...fuck...

It's not looking good folks.
and it makes sense why someone would still be on The Down Low

 But..there is hope and this hope is standing up for ourselves.

You see, when we as in ALL of us stand up together and we say FUCK YOU to those who would hold us back and deny us our sanity and ability to love fully and unapologetically!

  Follow me and I will do the most that I can with the power within me to make sure that you will never have to do what THEY say or live the life THEY want you to live. You CAN live the way YOU want to live and I will help you... I will help you ..IF you are willing to help me.
Talk to me.
Cry at me..
Yell at me..
Do whatever it is that you feel you must do but let me know.
I cannot know who you are if you don't acknowledge. 
I am 1000% percent content with the ideology 
Of dying if it means that gender and sexual equality is there. 
I am willing to give MY LIFE for this.
To be deleted,
shuffled off this mortal coil,
Tell me that you are there!
Tell me your problems your woes  your sorrows..
I am not a priest and I am not here to "absolve you of any sins"
Because I am not a priest and if it came to that passing and the one they call God would denounce me..
would shun me...
Me who they say has made me in his image then he may watch ME leave his presence.
Even in death I shall fight for you but in life right now I ask speak.
You don't have to shout it out just yet if you can't
Just ...speak me..
to a bisexual someone you know that is bisexual.

So what do you get if you follow me..
I don't to me and let's start from there...


Bunny said...

Errr... In the video you posted, Dan Savage doesn't say that bisexuality doesn't exist. He just says that the reason why a lot of people are skeptical when they meet a bisexual person is because a lot of gays use that word to avoid "admitting" that they're gay, hence hurting the credibility of all bisexuals.
But that's doesn't mean that "real" bisexuals don't exist. I understand why you would feel weary, but don't see enemies everywhere. :-P Take care.

The Bisexual Guy said...

First, I just want to apologize to you Bunny for being so late with the comment features. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any comments and just solved it today so again. APOLOGIES.

First...To tell anyone who is trying to understand their sexuality especially to when young kids who are trying to figure out what's going with themselves. To tell them "Come back in 10-15 years and you will say you are gay" How is that different is that from you are going to a phase you are probably straight? By dismissing it as an "anomaly"? That is erasure. By dismissing the legitimacy of bisexuality that in a strategic way is bisexual erasure. The comment with "80-90 percent of bisexual people just drift away from the community. Note he said community. But then with the come back with "oh me and my partner kinda drifted away too" but adds in we have much more in common with our straight friends than our gay friends.
It's very slick. Almost worthy of Fox News I hear stuff like all the time like that from shake down preachers and public officials that they say OUR community but never set foot in that neighborhood until election season.
Guys who don't want to come out don't often say they are bi they will often say they are straight. Hence this Down Low thing we have going on which is not limited to people of color.

Thanks so much for your comments Bunny and please keep on commenting.

Bunny said...

OK, quite frankly I'm not familiar with his views on the subject, but again, in the video you posted it doesn't seem to me that he was denying the existence of "real" bisexuality, like I said in my previous message.
FYI, yes, A LOT of gay people start by saying that they're bi when they finally dare to come out as "not straight". For some twisted reason they probably think it makes it a little "better" than admitting they're totally gay. (as a way to say 'I'm still a "real man,", I still like girls) And then later in life, they admit that they're gay. I've seen many of those first hand. It seems to me that those are the people Savage was talking about in the video you posted, and he seems to be saying that they hurt the credibility of "real" bisexuals, because they contribute to making a lot of people skeptical about the existence of bisexuality.
Take care.